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The CIR draft outline from April 29th includes a provision to provide green cards to all Master’s degree or Ph.D degree holders from accredited universities a green card right away as soon as they have a job offer. How on earth did we go from 10+ year wait to that!! This is worse than the 1000 point dip that the Dow experienced yesterday. Is this a week of surprises or what!!???

Computer World had a great discussion about this here

First of all, that doesn’t even make sense. Some Master’s Degrees can be received in less than a year. Associating a green card with a degree will just mean everyone out there will get a Master’s Degree – just because. I think the important thing is to ensure that there is DEMAND for a certain sector. And provide green cards BY MERIT to the ones that deserve it the most.

For those of us that are losing their mind with questions, remember that this was only a DRAFT OUTLINE that some very pro-immigrant Senate Democrats introduced. It is VERY VERY unlikely that it gets passed in that state. Most likely, there will be considerable debate on this topic some day, and the bill will look quite different and if it ever passed into law (which only a small fraction of the bills introduced in the Senate do), it will be even more different than even the bill that was originally introduced.  There are several hurdles to cross, and tons of uncertainty ahead of us over the next year or so. Worst case, the financial reform bill and climate change bill will mean that the CIR gets pushed back again. Hopefully that will not happen.

BUT, we do have a ray of hope. Actually, it’s more like a whole small crack in the wall…let’s all pray and work to give the CIR a fair shot.


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