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August 2nd USCIS memo changes everything for aspiring entrepreneurs..

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. USCIS made a very surprise announcement on August 2nd that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to start their single-person startup in the US and at the same time qualify to apply [...]

Lots of new action in Congress…

Majority Leader, Senator Harry Reid, introduced S.6 bill  – COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL – in the Senate to reform America’s broken immigration system, co-sponsored by nine other Senators. Quite a surprise that they are introducing it this early into the new Congress session. It has LONG way to go and I personally believe chances are [...]

Start a business while waiting for your green card

There are plenty of us that got into the green card waiting line in 2007 or earlier. To me, it feels like it just happened, but it’s almost 3 years!! And we’re still in line, which hasn’t moved an inch. Many of us have an EAD (employment authorization document) as a result of being in [...]

USICE Announces Audits on 652 Businesses Today

USICE announced more audits in one day alone today than it did in all of the previous fiscal year. Employers choosing to hire illegal immigrants or persons without a currently valid employment authorization can get in serious trouble if the audit catches such activity. The biggest risk is to employers that don’t even know that [...]

Reuniting Familes Act introduced again in House

Rep. Michael Honda of California introduced in the House on 06/04/2009 H.R.2709, Reuniting Family Act bill, cosponsored by 55 other Congressmen and women. This bill is a comprehensive immigration package that includes allowing gay Americans to sponsor their partners for residency. But it really is a lot more than just reuniting families. If passed, the [...]

EB2 India retrogresses back to January 1 2000 in June 2009 bulletin

Many have written to us about this horrible event. Another inexplicable move by USCIS putting the lives and hopes of many Indian immigrants in trouble. Thankfully, all other countries are safe so far. The bulletin is available at June 2009 visa bulletin Reactions to this on forums and in blogs has been as expected – [...]

Aytes shows compassion – but no real solutions

Acting Deputy Director of USCIS, Mike Aytes, wrote on the Department of Homeland Security Blog today on a topic that the audience of the Endlesswait site is very interested in – Employment Based Immigration and the endless wait associated with it. Aytes Blog Post on Employment Based Visa Wait Time One one hand, I am [...]

Prisoners to the Processing Dates Paradox – EB3 Retrogresses in May 2009

Retrogression – Sounds like some mathematical concept (from regression, may be..)…But those of us that are prisoners to the immigration craziness in the US know that its not. In fact, it doesn’t seem to reflect any logic. Whether it’s the July 2007 sudden change in cut-off dates, or the H1-B caps that closed in 1 and 2 days [...]

The Country’s Apathy towards its Immigrants

**** This post was contributed by em. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Em. ******* Hi, Today I am writing because I feel very low and lost. I had tried coming up and working with representatives on some sort of arrangement to expedite Immigration to US.  However, nothing is paning out right. Maybe today [...]

CNBC airs debate – lay off H1Bs first?

This is turning out to be more and more of a heated debate. I am hearing about this from friends and co-workers and of course, being an immigrant, only my closest friends actually reveal their real opinions to me. One of my co-worker friends, an American, thinks it’s a no-brainer that H1Bs should be laid [...]