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Sorry DREAMers, your DREAM is dead

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. I really did not think this could fail. The act asks that children of illegal immigrants that were brought to the US when they were very young, should get [...]

Start a business while waiting for your green card

There are plenty of us that got into the green card waiting line in 2007 or earlier. To me, it feels like it just happened, but it’s almost 3 years!! And we’re still in line, which hasn’t moved an inch. Many of us have an EAD (employment authorization document) as a result of being in [...]

59,404 Indians are waiting ahead of me under the EB3 category!

I reported about the new USCIS website launched September 22 yesterday. Looks like that wasn’t all. A friend and fellow endlesswaiter forwarded me this piece that you’ve got to read -Q&A on pending I-485 applications. The report at the bottom of this page shows the exact number of EB3 immigrant applicants from India that are [...]

EB2 India retrogresses back to January 1 2000 in June 2009 bulletin

Many have written to us about this horrible event. Another inexplicable move by USCIS putting the lives and hopes of many Indian immigrants in trouble. Thankfully, all other countries are safe so far. The bulletin is available at June 2009 visa bulletin Reactions to this on forums and in blogs has been as expected – [...]

Prisoners to the Processing Dates Paradox – EB3 Retrogresses in May 2009

Retrogression – Sounds like some mathematical concept (from regression, may be..)…But those of us that are prisoners to the immigration craziness in the US know that its not. In fact, it doesn’t seem to reflect any logic. Whether it’s the July 2007 sudden change in cut-off dates, or the H1-B caps that closed in 1 and 2 days [...]

Offshore Outsourcing – Good or Bad?

Most immigrants that I know that came to the country on H1B’s or other visas are on tech jobs. These are usually jobs related to the IT in industries such as Software development, Manufacturing, Health Care, Etc. Some of them were originally working for (or still work for) companies such as Infosys or TCS in [...]

EB2 India and China make significant progress in Feb 2009

All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA- mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIP-PINES Employ-ment -Based 1st C C C C C 2nd C 01JAN05 01JAN04 C C 3rd 01MAY05 01OCT02 15OCT01 01APR03 01MAY05 Other Workers 15MAR03 01OCT02 15OCT01 15OCT01 15MAR03 4th C C C C C Certain Religious Workers C C C C C 5th C [...]