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August 2nd USCIS memo changes everything for aspiring entrepreneurs..

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. USCIS made a very surprise announcement on August 2nd that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to start their single-person startup in the US and at the same time qualify to apply [...]

EB2 India retrogresses back to January 1 2000 in June 2009 bulletin

Many have written to us about this horrible event. Another inexplicable move by USCIS putting the lives and hopes of many Indian immigrants in trouble. Thankfully, all other countries are safe so far. The bulletin is available at June 2009 visa bulletin Reactions to this on forums and in blogs has been as expected – [...]

Aytes shows compassion – but no real solutions

Acting Deputy Director of USCIS, Mike Aytes, wrote on the Department of Homeland Security Blog today on a topic that the audience of the Endlesswait site is very interested in – Employment Based Immigration and the endless wait associated with it. Aytes Blog Post on Employment Based Visa Wait Time One one hand, I am [...]

Moving to San Diego using AC21

I haven’t posted on this blog in weeks now. Too busy with tons of things going on in my personal and professional lives I guess. Professionally, I took up a job in San Diego, CA. I am excited about the move. It was a difficult decision because I am going from being a generalist to a [...]

An Immigrant’s Story – Part 1 – The first time..

Most of the readers and authors of this blog are immigrants to the US. We all have a story, don’t we? The idea that United States is the land of opportunity and education/work there is something I should aim for, was planted quite early on in my head. My parents regularly pointed out other kids [...]

Some new stuff @ endlesswait.com

It’s been crazy the last few days, finally decided to delay dinner to find the time to blog tonight! Got the new Rules for posting at Endlesswait.com added to the Invitation page. Added some instructions for posting on the blog to that same page as well. And installed a WordPress plugin that allows the administrators [...]

A quick note about posting on endlesswait.com

In the last few days, I’ve received several inquiries from Law firms about posting on Endlesswait.com. Some have also registered and made posts on the blog. Though I am flattered, this means that we are going to need some rules and some changes. Until now, the default status of anyone registering at this site was [...]

How cool is it to write for money?

A few months ago when I started this blog, it was primarily for the purpose of connecting with other fellow immigrants and writing about my thoughts on this topic. The goal was to bring like-minded immigrants together and hopefully create a resource that we could all use and to voice our opinions against the the [...]