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Peter Schiff talks about Outsourcing among other things

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. This guy, founder of Euro Pacific Capital, speaks with TheStreet.com’s Gregg Greenberg about the dollar, US economy and outsourcing. This guy’s views make sense to me. Regarding outsourcing, one [...]

Obama makes reducing trade deficit a “second” priority

Those of us that heard Obama’s recent State of the Union address would understand what I am talking about. I love Obama, no doubt about that. I love his positive attitude and confidence. Everyone, even the Republicans agree that he is taking drastic measures and I believe a lot of those are what America needs. [...]

Offshore Outsourcing – Good or Bad?

Most immigrants that I know that came to the country on H1B’s or other visas are on tech jobs. These are usually jobs related to the IT in industries such as Software development, Manufacturing, Health Care, Etc. Some of them were originally working for (or still work for) companies such as Infosys or TCS in [...]

An Immigrant’s Story – Part 1 – The first time..

Most of the readers and authors of this blog are immigrants to the US. We all have a story, don’t we? The idea that United States is the land of opportunity and education/work there is something I should aim for, was planted quite early on in my head. My parents regularly pointed out other kids [...]

A quick note about posting on endlesswait.com

In the last few days, I’ve received several inquiries from Law firms about posting on Endlesswait.com. Some have also registered and made posts on the blog. Though I am flattered, this means that we are going to need some rules and some changes. Until now, the default status of anyone registering at this site was [...]

How cool is it to write for money?

A few months ago when I started this blog, it was primarily for the purpose of connecting with other fellow immigrants and writing about my thoughts on this topic. The goal was to bring like-minded immigrants together and hopefully create a resource that we could all use and to voice our opinions against the the [...]

Obama Wins….at least at endlesswait.com

Our poll on McCain versus Obama on Immigration showed Obama clearly winning 58% to 14% with 28% undecided. The mood is feverish here in the US today. Feels as if 18 months of craziness, first the Hillary versus Obama battle and now the McCain versus Obama race, is culminating in one day today… And the [...]

Are USCIS processing dates a complete joke?

USCIS recently updated their processing dates for several immigrant petitions including the I-140. See this post – USCIS Processing Dates Move Forward. Now that a full week has passed since the update was announced, we’ve had the opportunity to further track whether the processing dates are valid. Well, surprise surprise!! We think the USCIS processing [...]

YAY!! Three year TN visas availble for Canadian and Mexican Professionals

This thread of Immigration Voice regarding the Three year TN Visa For Canadian and Mexican Professionals says it all. It’s good to see a happy positive tone from posters, a rare thing in the immigration world. This bill will get signed into law tomorrow. Still no progress or even signs of improvement for relief for [...]

Enter your case information into Trackitt

Trackitt is the best place to keep track of the USCIS processing trend for any immigration application. When you visit the site and registed, you can add your case to it. The site sends you an email once a month requesting you to update your case. Most of you have probably already created your accounts [...]