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How to Check if DOL Labor Petition for PERM is approved

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. Copied from trackitt.com – originally posted by user gckap: Get the “A-Number” from the lawfirm. They would have already provided you this. Once you have the A-Number, go to [...]

Good news for EB2-ROW but more bad news for EB2-India

The November 2012 visa bulletin released last night and brings cheer for some and the regular monthly dose of disappointment for Indian nationals. EB2-ROW is now current – a big relief for those from countries other than China, India, Mexico or Canada that were dealt with a shocker last month. EB2-India did not move a [...]

Disappointment galore! EB2 Retrogression in October 2012 + STEM bill failure

There is no sugarcoating this – September 2012 has been a dark month for Employment-based immigrants. First, the October 2012 bulletin released the incredibly disappointing news that EB2-India retrogressed back to SeptemberĀ 2004 and other EB2 categories, including EB2-worldwide retrogressed as well. EB2-worldwide was not current only for the first time in 20 years. More bad [...]

August 2nd USCIS memo changes everything for aspiring entrepreneurs..

USCIS made a very surprise announcement on August 2nd that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to start their single-person startup in the US and at the same time qualify to apply for a green card under the EB2 category or get an H1-B visa. This is for ANYONE out there that qualifies for the H1-B or EB2 [...]

EB-2 India and China move to March 2007- end of wait for many..

I could not actually believe it. A close family friend actually got his green cardĀ - he was on EB2 firsh a 2006 priority date. It feels as if it’s the first one in years that has got one! Very happy for him….one step closer to freedom. The EB-2 move in the July bulletin has made [...]

I’ve been thinking about the EB-5 a lot..

EB-3 isn’t moving. At least not for India, China and Mexico. And EB-2 is ahead but prospects are bleak for much progress in 2011. The DREAM act is dead. CIR is all but dead for 2011 and even perhaps 2012 (read previous post) and the Startup Act is not finding takers yet. The latter still [...]

Sorry DREAMers, your DREAM is dead

I really did not think this could fail. The act asks that children of illegal immigrants that were brought to the US when they were very young, should get a path to citizenship. The path will include education and serving in the military, among other conditions and will take years to actually get it but [...]

New Startup Act could end your endless wait

This is huge. The strongest, most sensible immigration bill that actually has a chance to pass. CIR is all but dead, the DREAM act is still up in the air despite getting passed in the House and strong support from rallies and funding from lobbyists. But a new bill – the Startup Act – was [...]

Who’s my green card sponsor?

As EB-2 dates are moving along much faster for Indian and Chinese nationals, there appears to be a rush among immigrants (just like 2007, to a smaller extent) for EB-3 candidates (like me) and even others hold H1-B visas in their second three year renewal stage, to file a fresh EB-2 petition. Nothing wrong with [...]

SKILL ACT of 2010 Introducted in Congress

This is a piecemeal act that includes all of the stuff that CIR would have for skilled legal immigrants. This includes provisions to reduce the visa backlog, H1-B reform and F1 student visa reform. SKILL ACT of 2010 I’ve stopped getting too excited about just introductions of new bills. It all depends on how it’s [...]