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Good news for EB2-ROW but more bad news for EB2-India

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. The November 2012 visa bulletin released last night and brings cheer for some and the regular monthly dose of disappointment for Indian nationals. EB2-ROW is now current – a [...]

Start a business while waiting for your green card

There are plenty of us that got into the green card waiting line in 2007 or earlier. To me, it feels like it just happened, but it’s almost 3 years!! And we’re still in line, which hasn’t moved an inch. Many of us have an EAD (employment authorization document) as a result of being in [...]

What bothers you most?

****  THIS POST WAS CONTRIBUTED BY  VANV  **** Hey fellas, Every time I think of the green card, I experience a wide array of emotions ranging from impassioned to blood boiling, But you have to wonder what bothers you the most… Is it – 1. Given the plethora of issues in this country competing for [...]

Does I140 Approved candidates have any hope??

*** Thispost was contributed by Smanagoli *** Among legal immigrants waiting, there is huge block of people who are in worst possible scenario.. The specific group I am referring to is, the ones which have Labor and I-140 application approved but priority dates are not current. Given that there is huge backlog (thanks to July-2007), [...]

Top 10 Issues Faced By Legal Immigrants in the United States

I’ve been trying to think of a list of the top 10 biggest issues that legal immigrants face today. There are hundreds of applications and each and every one of us has a different story. But many of us share the same kinds of worries at some point or the other. I am sure each [...]

I got my I-140!!

FY-NA-LLY..after 557 days and nights of unreasonable wait, my I-140 was approved today. Got the damn automated email and was in a little bit of disbelief for a moment. I know I am making it sound like too much of a deal here, but those of you that have waited with me and continue to [...]

How cool is it to write for money?

A few months ago when I started this blog, it was primarily for the purpose of connecting with other fellow immigrants and writing about my thoughts on this topic. The goal was to bring like-minded immigrants together and hopefully create a resource that we could all use and to voice our opinions against the the [...]

I-140, I-485, N-400 and I-765 Backlog Statistics for Year 2008

Backlogs for I-140 have remained close to the 140,000 mark for over a year. Recently, it has reduced to a few thousand under 140,000, providing some hope for us. But the EAD renewal application surge and the fact that all of these EAD’s need to be adjudicated within 120 days, is likely to put more [...]

Prepare for more delay…

More reasons why it is unlikely that I-140 or for that matter, I-485 processing will continue to remian sluggish (it can’t get any worse, it’s rockbottom already for most of us) 1. There was a surge in EAD Renewal applications in August 2008. USCIS plicy requires applicants to apply a maximum of 120 days in [...]