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Who’s my green card sponsor?

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. As EB-2 dates are moving along much faster for Indian and Chinese nationals, there appears to be a rush among immigrants (just like 2007, to a smaller extent) for [...]

Start a business while waiting for your green card

There are plenty of us that got into the green card waiting line in 2007 or earlier. To me, it feels like it just happened, but it’s almost 3 years!! And we’re still in line, which hasn’t moved an inch. Many of us have an EAD (employment authorization document) as a result of being in [...]

Does I140 Approved candidates have any hope??

*** Thispost was contributed by Smanagoli *** Among legal immigrants waiting, there is huge block of people who are in worst possible scenario.. The specific group I am referring to is, the ones which have Labor and I-140 application approved but priority dates are not current. Given that there is huge backlog (thanks to July-2007), [...]

Aytes shows compassion – but no real solutions

Acting Deputy Director of USCIS, Mike Aytes, wrote on the Department of Homeland Security Blog today on a topic that the audience of the Endlesswait site is very interested in – Employment Based Immigration and the endless wait associated with it. Aytes Blog Post on Employment Based Visa Wait Time One one hand, I am [...]

Moving to San Diego using AC21

I haven’t posted on this blog in weeks now. Too busy with tons of things going on in my personal and professional lives I guess. Professionally, I took up a job in San Diego, CA. I am excited about the move. It was a difficult decision because I am going from being a generalist to a [...]

Top 10 Issues Faced By Legal Immigrants in the United States

I’ve been trying to think of a list of the top 10 biggest issues that legal immigrants face today. There are hundreds of applications and each and every one of us has a different story. But many of us share the same kinds of worries at some point or the other. I am sure each [...]

An Immigrant’s Story – Part 1 – The first time..

Most of the readers and authors of this blog are immigrants to the US. We all have a story, don’t we? The idea that United States is the land of opportunity and education/work there is something I should aim for, was planted quite early on in my head. My parents regularly pointed out other kids [...]

Sex, Lies, Videotape and Immigration

Ok that title has nothing to do with this post, that was just to get you excited on this dull Thursday morning. You probably checked your email in the hope that your attorney sent you a positive email about your immigration application. Then you checked your Processing dates page to see if anything changed on [...]

Prepare for more delay…

More reasons why it is unlikely that I-140 or for that matter, I-485 processing will continue to remian sluggish (it can’t get any worse, it’s rockbottom already for most of us) 1. There was a surge in EAD Renewal applications in August 2008. USCIS plicy requires applicants to apply a maximum of 120 days in [...]

100 votes and counting…

We have 100 voters that expressed their answers to the poll. THANK YOU for your support. The more votes we have, and the more posts and comment about this delay, the more our chances of getting noticed Here are some ways to reach out to the powers to be: 1. I was told that Immigration [...]