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Need your opinion on a new way to offer consultations here..

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. So I’ve been real busy – like all of us I guess. So hardly any posts off late. Haven’t had much of a chance to post. Some requests for [...]

Thanks to Attorney Oh and Attorney Peerally

For the last four months, we have been able to offer free consultations to a few immigrants thanks to the generosity of these Attorneys to take time out from their busy schedules to offer this free service to you. October consultations are closed and November spots are now open. Please comment on http://www.endlesswait.com/free-consultation to reserve [...]

Joe Legal vs Jose Illegal

This blog is about LEGAL immigrants and the challenges they face. But our close cousins – illegal immigrants have challenges, that many believe are even harder. But the debate about immigration reform is almost entirely about them, and it’s heating up. I don’t carry very many opinions on illegal immigration, because, honestly, I am not [...]

Free 15-Minute Attorney Consultation for Endless Waiters

As part of writing on endlesswait.com, and during my own immigration journey, I’ve become connected with some really good immigration attorneys. And recently, it occurred to me that I could set something up to benefit you guys from this connection. Two attorneys that I can personal attest to, since I’ve followed both for a while [...]

Two Free $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates

ere’s wishing all Endless Waiters a wonderful new year!! Whether 2010 sees a CIR bill passed or remains in CID (comprehensive immigration delay) mode and whether you get your green card or another RFE , we all need hope and some celebration for new year’s eve. So here, you go – two $25 gift certificates [...]

CNBC airs debate – lay off H1Bs first?

This is turning out to be more and more of a heated debate. I am hearing about this from friends and co-workers and of course, being an immigrant, only my closest friends actually reveal their real opinions to me. One of my co-worker friends, an American, thinks it’s a no-brainer that H1Bs should be laid [...]

I got my I-140!!

FY-NA-LLY..after 557 days and nights of unreasonable wait, my I-140 was approved today. Got the damn automated email and was in a little bit of disbelief for a moment. I know I am making it sound like too much of a deal here, but those of you that have waited with me and continue to [...]

Some new stuff @ endlesswait.com

It’s been crazy the last few days, finally decided to delay dinner to find the time to blog tonight! Got the new Rules for posting at Endlesswait.com added to the Invitation page. Added some instructions for posting on the blog to that same page as well. And installed a WordPress plugin that allows the administrators [...]