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Entries for December, 2010

Sorry DREAMers, your DREAM is dead

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. I really did not think this could fail. The act asks that children of illegal immigrants that were brought to the US when they were very young, should get [...]


A site that I read almost every day – http://immigration-law.com by our friend Attorney Matthew Oh has published a list of swing voters for the bill today. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH A 5-MINUTE CALL. THE MOTION TO CLOSURE IS TOMORROW – 12/18/2010 In Matthew’s words: This is the last chance for immigration advocates [...]

New Startup Act could end your endless wait

This is huge. The strongest, most sensible immigration bill that actually has a chance to pass. CIR is all but dead, the DREAM act is still up in the air despite getting passed in the House and strong support from rallies and funding from lobbyists. But a new bill – the Startup Act – was [...]

Immigrant’s List – What 2010 Republican victory at the Congress means to you

Here’s an excerpt from Immigrants’ List (IL) that I found informative. IL works mainly for the cause of ILLEGAL immigrants, is VERY different than what we do at endlesswait¬† – which is write about issues that are relevant to legal immigrants. We often differ in our opinion from what IL says and this following excerpt [...]

Is it a good idea to move from EB3 to EB2 right now?

This is a question that many of our readers have posted. Specifically, we got this question recently on the http://www.endlesswait.com/free-consultation We will be inviting our Attorney friends to reply to this and post their opinion. There are some posts on this topic on the blog but this is a topic that comes up often enough [...]