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Entries for May, 2010

The Time Has Come to Act – CIR can pass in 2010

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. * ******* DID YOU CALL YOUR SENATOR?? COMMENT AND LET US KNOW IF YOU DID . PLEASE DO CALL (instructions below) – TO THE LEGAL IMMIGRANT COMMUNITY, YOUR CALL [...]

Obama is pro CIR but flip flops on timeline

Obama sounds like a hardened politician. The remark about wanting to BEGIN the CIR in 2010 means he obviously doesn’t want to pass it this year before the elections in November. He wants to do it next year and that can be a disaster if the Democrats don’t continue to keep a significant majority at [...]

What the heck is STEM

The recent draft CIR bill that the Senate Democrats introduced includes some VERY VERY helpful clauses for STEM graduates from US Universities. I wrote about that last week and someone asked me – what the heck is STEM. It’s simply Science Technology Engineering Math. These are the areas where US has shown a demonstrated shortage [...]

Have a Master’s Degree in the US? Here’s your green card…

The CIR draft outline from April 29th includes a provision to provide green cards to all Master’s degree or Ph.D degree holders from accredited universities a green card right away as soon as they have a job offer. How on earth did we go from 10+ year wait to that!! This is worse than the [...]

Managing your immigrant careers

Career planning is hard for everyone. But if you are an immigrant, you just added a whole extra layer (triple fat extra mozzarella cheese one at that) of confusion and rules that you are gonna have to navigate around. Take for instance, the AC21 nightmare that restricts you to same or similar jobs. Or stupid [...]