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Entries for February, 2010

what about the LEGAL immigrants

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. ***** Post contributed by lyndaforreal ***** I just learned about the dilema of the LEGAL immigrants in this country who have waiting years and years for their green cards.  [...]

I had no idea people waited so long

***** Post contributed by lyndaforreal ***** Years ago, I woked for the University of Miami in the Intensive English Program.  Students there would enroll into the U on condition that they would successfully pass the test after the IEP.  They would then spend 4 to 6 years at the U and upon graduation and employment [...]

Want to rescue the housing crises?

***** Post contributed by lyndaforreal ***** There are hundreds of thousands of highly funtioning legal immigrants who have saving money for years, waiting in the immaginary line for their green cards, who would purchase a home immediately if their futures in this country were certain.  Change the policy.  Give them their cards.  Let them buy [...]

What bothers you most?

****  THIS POST WAS CONTRIBUTED BY  VANV  **** Hey fellas, Every time I think of the green card, I experience a wide array of emotions ranging from impassioned to blood boiling, But you have to wonder what bothers you the most… Is it – 1. Given the plethora of issues in this country competing for [...]