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Entries for December, 2009

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Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. ere’s wishing all Endless Waiters a wonderful new year!! Whether 2010 sees a CIR bill passed or remains in CID (comprehensive immigration delay) mode and whether you get your [...]

CIR in 2010?

Immigrant’s List Reported today – In addition to debates on health care, energy, and spending, on Dec. 15, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) officially added immigration reform to the list of issues Congress will confront next year by introducing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009. More hope for 2010..

Fortune talks about role of immigrants in the country’s growth

I had a small, Twitter-hosted dustup recently with Trevor Loy, a pleasant fellow who, when he is not Twittering, brings truth and justice to the world via the agency of venture capital. Loy was hot and bothered over some turn of events in Congress having to do with immigration policy. Many entrepreneurs are immigrants, you [...]