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And we have a blog that agrees with us

Thank you for visiting Endlesswait.com. Your support and participation can help us in our fight for rights and fair laws for legal immigrants to the US. http://www.openmarket.org/2008/02/25/immigration-law-utterly-dysfunctional/ Thanks for the logical thinking Hans. We agree with your views on Illegal Immigration and how that’s making life hard for legal immigrants.

Interesting blog that seems to differ from us on almost all issues

http://blog.noslaves.com/ – They are against outsourcing, against H1-B visas, and from what it appears, generally against immigration altogether. I found it interesting that they have such an opinion and a significant number of people seem to agree. Healthy debate is always a good thing. We want the writers at this blog to visit us and [...]

Top 10 Issues Faced By Legal Immigrants in the United States

I’ve been trying to think of a list of the top 10 biggest issues that legal immigrants face today. There are hundreds of applications and each and every one of us has a different story. But many of us share the same kinds of worries at some point or the other. I am sure each [...]

GAO Releases Analysis of USCIS Fee Increases – and the news is not pretty

The GAO Analysis on USCIS fee increases part 1 and part 2. http://Immigration-law.com reported today: This Government Accounting Office release relfects that about the USCIS was run on the fees collected from the customers in 2008. Do you remember the whoppy fee increase in August 2007, immediately following the FY 2007 Visa Bulleting fiasco? How [...]

Should US Workers get priority over H1-B workers during layoffs?

U.S. Senator Charles Grassley from Iowa seems to think so. Read this ComputerWorld report about Microsoft Layoffs. We think that’s ridiculous. Layoffs should be based on one and only one thing – justified business need. This is exactly the kind of protectionist laws that I was talking about in the earlier post about Outsourcing. So [...]

TSC NSC – Processing dates updated

NSC Processing dates – updated January 23, 2009 TSC Processing dates – updated January 23. 2009 I-140 dates have moved and this time, for a change, we do think that the dates reflect reality for the most part. But the discrepancy between TSC and NSC remains and the wait continues to be around 15 months [...]

Offshore Outsourcing – Good or Bad?

Most immigrants that I know that came to the country on H1B’s or other visas are on tech jobs. These are usually jobs related to the IT in industries such as Software development, Manufacturing, Health Care, Etc. Some of them were originally working for (or still work for) companies such as Infosys or TCS in [...]

EB2 India and China make significant progress in Feb 2009

All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed CHINA- mainland born INDIA MEXICO PHILIP-PINES Employ-ment -Based 1st C C C C C 2nd C 01JAN05 01JAN04 C C 3rd 01MAY05 01OCT02 15OCT01 01APR03 01MAY05 Other Workers 15MAR03 01OCT02 15OCT01 15OCT01 15MAR03 4th C C C C C Certain Religious Workers C C C C C 5th C [...]

An Immigrant’s Story – Part 1 – The first time..

Most of the readers and authors of this blog are immigrants to the US. We all have a story, don’t we? The idea that United States is the land of opportunity and education/work there is something I should aim for, was planted quite early on in my head. My parents regularly pointed out other kids [...]

Economic Help and Depression Relief a Solution to I-140

I was just thinking of a way to help the US economy uplift itself by filling its coffers and helping States such as mine (MA) from economic turmoil. I was hoping they would charge us immigrants a  little more hire more people (creating jobs – adding taxes from the people) working on more I-140 and [...]